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Building Use: Detached single-family residence

Project Type: New low-energy building with passive house components

Spec-built single family residence designed and built to PH standards

Location:Portland, Oregon 97213
Dwelling Units:1
PH Calculation Protocol(s):PHI
PH Modeling Software(s):PHPP
Year Of Construction:2013

Project Size

Floor Area:1,302.0 ft2TFA121 m2TFA
 1,302.0 ft2iCFA121 m2iCFA


Heating Degree Days:4,577 °F•day/yr2,542.8 °C•day/yr
Cooling Degree Days:575 °F•day/yr319.4 °C•day/yr
Annual heat demand:4.67 kBtu/yr•ft2TFA14.7 kWh/yr•m2TFA
 4.67 kBtu/yr•ft2iCFA14.7 kWh/yr•m2iCFA
Heat load:3.20 Btu/hr•ft2TFA10.1 W/m2TFA
 3.20 Btu/hr•ft2iCFA10.1 W/m2iCFA
Annual cooling demand:0.67 kBtu/yr•ft2TFA2.1 kWh/yr•m2TFA
 0.67 kBtu/yr•ft2iCFA2.1 kWh/yr•m2iCFA
Cooling load:4.80 Btu/hr•ft2TFA15.1 W/m2TFA
 4.80 Btu/hr•ft2iCFA15.1 W/m2iCFA
Primary energy demand:33.30 kBtu/yr•ft2TFA105 kWh/yr•m2TFA
 33.30 kBtu/yr•ft2iCFA105 kWh/yr•m2iCFA
Primary energy demand after on-site generation:26.20 kBtu/yr•ft2TFA82.7 kWh/yr•m2TFA
 26.20 kBtu/yr•ft2iCFA82.7 kWh/yr•m2iCFA
Airtightness:0.4 ft3/min•ft20.4 ACH50


Construction Type:wood
Floor Assembly:Concrete slab over 15-mil vapor barrier and 9" EPS insulation
Wall Assembly:Gypsum board, 2x4 advanced framing w/ fiberglass insulation, plywood sheathing (air barrier), 9.5" TJIs with cellulose, Agepan sheathing, 1x4 furring rainscreen, siding
Roof Assembly:Gypsum board, 14" TJIs with cellulose insulation, plywood decking (air barrier), 7" polyiso insulation, Ice & Water Shield, standing seam metal roof
Windows:Intus E-Forte uPVC
Entry Doors:Intus E-Forte uPVC


Ventilation system:Zehnder ComfoAir 350 HRV
Heating/Cooling system:Mitubishi ducted minisplit 9k BTU/hr
Domestic hot water system:AirGenerate ATI-66 heat pump water heater. Cool air captured for summertime cooling in house.
Renewables:5kw PV system


Passive House Consultant:PDX Living, LLC
Passive House Consultant Certification:PHIUS
Architect:Robert Hawthorne, Architect
Structural Engineer:Adam Jongeward, DCI Engineers
Mechanical Engineer:Zehnder and PDX Living, LLC
Contractor:PDX Living, LLC


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