PHnw is pleased to offer its own regional Building Directory as we work to promote passive house in the Pacific Northwest. We feel it's important to gather momentum, build community, and advance technical development and policy regionally, and that this directory will aid that effort.

If you have a passive house building to contribute to the PHnw Building Directory, please do so! The qualifications for eligible projects are:

  • submitting party must be a current PHnw member (this supports our work promoting Passive House in the Pacific Northwest - you can join here if you’re not currently a member)
  • the building must be located in the Pacific Northwest region
  • the building must have been modeled to either PHI or PHIUS protocol using the PHPP or WUFI Passive
  • its modeled performance must come reasonably close to meeting the targeted passive house standard
  • at least one blower door test must have been completed

Contact us to submit your project

Please use the email address to which your PHnw membership is registered.

Finally, please note that there are other regional as well as national and international directories, and we encourage you to contribute your projects to these as well, where applicable. We have links to these here at PHnw.org.

* The project data on the PHnw Building Directory is self-reported, and PHnw cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.