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Vogel House

Building Use: Detached single-family residence

Project Type: New passive house building

A modern designed, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, private residence located in rural western Washington. Built for a young newly-wed couple as a forever home for themselves and the generations to come, the Vogel Haus is designed with a Passive House addition in mind to accommodate their growing family.

Location:Olympia, Washington 98506
Dwelling Units:1
PH Calculation Protocol(s):PHI
PH Modeling Software(s):PHPP
PH Certification(s):PHI
Construction Cost:$ 500,000 USD
Year Of Construction:2017

Project Size

Floor Area:1,702.2 ft2TFA158.1 m2TFA


Heating Degree Days:5,757 °F•day/yr3,198.3 °C•day/yr
Annual heat demand:4.68 kBtu/yr•ft2TFA14.8 kWh/yr•m2TFA
Heat load:3.98 Btu/hr•ft2TFA12.6 W/m2TFA
Primary energy demand:20.85 kBtu/yr•ft2TFA65.8 kWh/yr•m2TFA
Airtightness:0.6 ACH50


Construction Type:wood
Floor Assembly:Slab on grade - 4" heated polished concrete slab w/ 10" deep sand heat sink. 6 mil visqueen air barrier. 12" square bond beam foundation. Wrapped in 8" high density EPS insulation.
Wall Assembly:Wood framed - 1/2" GWB. 2x8 wall with 2x4 staggered studs, dense packed with fiberglass insulation. 1/2" OSB coated with Prosoco cat 5 air and weather barrier. 4" Neopor EPS insulation. 3/4" rains screen. Steel siding.
Roof Assembly:Continuous PVC membrane roofing. 1/2" OSB sheathing. Manufactured trusses with 24" of blown cellulose insulation. 1/2" air sealed OSB. 1/2" GWB.
Windows:Zola thermal uPVC
Lamilux skylight
Entry Doors:Therma Tru flush panel


Ventilation system:Zehnder ComfoAir350
Heating/Cooling system:Sanden SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater w/ hydronic in-slab radiant heat
Domestic hot water system:Sanden SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater


Passive House Consultant:Skylar Swinford - Energy Systems Consultants
Passive House Consultant Certification:PHI,PHIUS
Architect:Tessa Smith - The Artisans Group
Structural Engineer:MC squared inc.
Contractor:Randy Foster - The Artisans Group


Additional Information:Steel structure for supporting the building's "wing roofs" eliminates all possibilities of thermal bridging. We will be using this approach again.

One of the first projects in the USA to use the Sanden CO2 pump. We are impressed with the system.

Our first time flashing and sealing UPVC windows to a slab on grade floor. We will change our detailing on future projects.
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