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Tabor ADU

Building Use: Other

Project Type: New low-energy building with passive house components

ADU above existing garage. 660 square feet. One bedroom, one bath. Earth Advantage Net Zero-certified.

Location:Portland, Oregon 97215
PH Calculation Protocol(s):PHIUS+
PH Modeling Software(s):WUFI Passive
Construction Cost:$ 280,000 USD
Year Of Construction:2017

Project Size

Floor Area:665.4 ft2iCFA61.8 m2iCFA


Heating Degree Days:4,963 °F•day/yr2,757.2 °C•day/yr
Annual heat demand:5.84 kBtu/yr•ft2iCFA18.4 kWh/yr•m2iCFA
Heat load:3.15 Btu/hr•ft2iCFA9.9 W/m2iCFA
Annual cooling demand:0.72 kBtu/yr•ft2iCFA2.3 kWh/yr•m2iCFA
Cooling load:1.65 Btu/hr•ft2iCFA5.2 W/m2iCFA
Primary energy demand:31.24 kBtu/yr•ft2iCFA98.5 kWh/yr•m2iCFA
Airtightness:0.04 ft3/min•ft2


Construction Type:wood
Floor Assembly:16" web trusses filled with dense-packed cellulose.
Wall Assembly:2x6 filled with dense-packed cellulose. Plywood sheathing using Prosoco Joint & Seam Filler, Air Dam, and Fast Flash. 3" WRB, 4" GPS foam, and 3/4" inch rain screen assembly. Wood siding.
Roof Assembly:30" loose-filled cellulose in raised heel trusses. Vented.
Windows:Glo triple-paned aluminum A7 series windows.
Entry Doors:Glo A7 series triple-paned aluminum door.


Ventilation system:Lunos E2 series HRV.
Heating/Cooling system:9,000 BTU Mitsubishi mini-split.
Domestic hot water system:Rheem heat pump tank.
Renewables:7 kw photovoltaic system.
Other green building systems:Drain water heat recovery system.


Passive House Consultant:Ben Valentin
Passive House Consultant Certification:PHIUS
Architect:Ben Valentin
Structural Engineer:Grummel Engineering
Mechanical Engineer:Petra Heating & Cooling
Contractor:Birdsmouth Construction


Additional Information:Final energy model to be completed in fall 2017. Pending certification.

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